​Global SMS Platform

Today the technology has developed to such an extent that it become much easier to stay connected with people. There is a mobile in almost every single pocket.

The mobile not only provides the facility to stay connected with others all the time but also it provides a great scope of marketing also.

In the present day context the mobile marketing has become the hottest choice for most of the companies.

This is one of the most effective and cheapest way of communication with your customers along with consuming the least time. And the leading method of mobile marketing is the SMS marketing. This is perhaps the cheapest way of communication with your customers.

Hypertech is directly connected to globally operators in order to guarantee the best possible quality of service. Connections are also extended to 37 other highly reliable international gateways in roaming.

The system is continuously monitored in order to guarantee the instant delivery of each SMS message.

We offers Mobile Terminated SMS (MT) to over 790 mobile operators worldwide at cheap prices. Our prices are easy to understand! No setup costs, no maintenance fees, no fix costs at all. You pay just the desired SMS volume and based on very advantageous prices.


Hypertech has positioned itself to confidently and intelligently to address the typical challenges faced by businesses looking to utilize and further enhance the use of the mobile space today.

Differing protocols, bearers and billing systems increase the complexity of deploying messaging SMS applications within multiple mobile operators for the provision of non-premium and premium rate applications.

Substantial technical know how and resources are required to connect, manage and maintain multiple messaging connectivity with service providers.

Companies want to focus on their core business - Not spend resources on technical integration with mobile operators.

Time to market, cost reduction and a focus on core competencies is crucial for businesses in today’s competitive market.

Access to real-time administration data to monitor systems and messaging traffic is required.


All Industries can seek benefit from SMS; however we have identified a few verticals and possible deployments of SMS to enhance daily communications and operational needs:

Banking, NBFC, Credit Card & Insurance Companies

New Loan Scheme notification.

Checkbook / statement request.

Balance enquiry.

Priority banking.

Insurance (Life, car, house hold etc.) Premium due date notifications.

Credit card statement dispatch confirmation along with the payment reminder.

Confirmation on payment received against credit card.

Schools & Educational Institutes

PTA Meetings schedule SMS to the parents.

Attendance report over the SMS.

Dairy note over the SMS.

Exam Schedule to the parents.

Bus delay.

Fee reminder.

Achievements and misbehaviors.

New Session admission alerts.

Competition examination dates alerts.

Library management.

Time table alerts.


Daily Rosters on SMS.

Pick Up/Cab Driver notification.

Admin Operations.

HR activities.

Intranet on SMS (CUG Based).

Travel, tourism & ticketing Industry

Ticket booking / cancellation Confirmation.

Flight delay notifications.

Hotel reservation confirmation.

Vacations offers.

Tours itinerary.

Promotional offers / Package tours.

Visa Information.

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping malls & Cinema halls

Discount offers.

Happy hour promotions.

Room/table occupancy status.

Waiter on SMS. (Pizza Delivery on SMS).

Event based promotions.

New movies releases.

Ticket query and e-tickets reservations (Cinema halls).

Courier & Logistics services

Packet delivery confirmation.

SMS Packet status.

Using SMS as GPS tool to know the nearest pickup center .

Internal communication between various delivery hubs.

Interactive T.V Shows & Event management companies.

Polling & contest.

Promotional launch of products & Services.


Traders and Professional Services provider

Exchanging fixed information within a CUG.

Timely and updated legal information to lawyers, Bullion market players.

Patients Information on SMS to doctors.

Stocks monitoring on SMS.

Corporate with large sales force operating at different locations

Instant and updated information across the sales force.

Information like product launch, price change, promotional offers on SMS.

New and existing e-governance projects of government.

Instant information to the end user from online database using SMS.

Enabling Electricity bill, telephone bill, property tax, and passport status etc. information over the SMS.

E-procurement & e-governance projects of government.

Cable Operators

Value added services to the subscriber base.

Extra revenue stream.

Local advertising on SMS.

Home Users

Send personalized SMS to their loved ones any time across the globe.

Pre-schedule your greetings!!!-don’t want to be caught missing your wife’s birthday!!

Personalizing and Sending SMS with 480 characters.

Personalizing and sending your own ring tones, logos & picture messages.

Foreign Embassy

Visa Status.

Cultural activities alerts.

Invitations to diplomatic parties and conferences.

Trade Mission promotions.

All School Activities (Mentioned in the educational vertical)

Web Portals.

Job Portals- Send Vacancy Alert.

Matrimonial Websites - Send instant profile response alert.

Sending SMS alerts and personalized services to a paid subscriber base.

Hospitals and nursing homes.

Medical Lab reports over the SMS.

Blood bank database.

Emergency doctors call.

Repair & Workshop.

Estimate information & Approvals over the SMS.

Reminders for service due.

Car ready for delivery information.

Services issues.

System Integrators

Facility management.

Engineers on SMS.

Technical support to customers on SMS.

We have different packages to meet your needs. Call Hypertech’s sales team immediately and let us help you make this special day a lasting memory!

Price starting from: 0,015USD/SMS up to 0,035USD/SMS