Hypertech offers full cycle mobile development for both established businesses and startups who target iPhone and iPad users.

Our diversified iOS mobile application development experience will be especially handy for those businesses who keep major market developments — like the big mobile technology shift — on their strategic radar. This shift has challenged enterprises in a variety of industries, while providing them ample opportunities for utilizing an additional channel for expanding their market reach. We have experience in delivering solutions in the most impacted sectors:

Digital Media and Entertainment

Social Networking / Social Media

Retail, ecommerce and Social Commerce

Sports and Lifestyle

Logistics and Transportation

Banking, Trading and Financial Services

Service and Expertise

Full Cycle Service

Our iOS experts will guide you through the app creation process — from requirements gathering to release and submission to the App Store — defining required functionality, performance, security strength, offline capability, interoperability, etc. to make sure the developed application executes on the set business vision and is appreciated by the end-users.

Our Experience

We have accumulated iOS development expertise for producing powerful apps for a range of implementation areas:

Mobile clients to online services

Location based applications / services

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Advanced Graphics Processing

Augmented Reality

Onboard camera utilization for code scanning (barcodes, QR codes)

Media Distribution / Media Streaming

Enterprise Mobility / Mobile clients to corporate software environment

Technology and Development Team

Technology Expertise

Hypertech’s iOS specialists use the complete package of the iOS-specific software development tools, compilers, and frameworks, which constitute the software development kit and Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment, to its full potential. By joining forces with Hypertech, you will benefit from having an advanced state-of-the-art interactive and engaging applications utilizing the most relevant and current mix of iOS technologies:

Development Team

We have over 10 professionals on board with strong roots in Mobile practice, with about half of them focused directly on iOS application development. They include developers, BAs, UI designers possessing 3+ years of hands-on domain experience on average.

Hypertech’s iOS team will be staffed with the specialists who would perform the key roles on the project: iOS developers, a UI designer, a QA engineer, and a project manager. However, depending on your project needs, we may expand the team to coordinate with the critical needs you may have with relation to the development. This is how a typical iOS development project team looks like, including roles, functions, and workload:

Our Approach

User Experience

iOS applications crafted as a result of a collaborative effort of Hypertech’s developers, BA and UI specialists meet the Apple’s user experience guides for iOS applications such as Human Interface Guidelines and others. Human interface principles, app design principles, real-life app redesign and migration cases, user experience guidelines, as well as technology and UI utilization principles define the best practices for creating compelling, highly interactive, and user-friendly iOS applications to be run on Apple devices.


User experience largely depends on application’s performance affecting a range of characteristics — from user journey smoothness to battery life. That is why Hypertech team works a lot on application performance tuning and optimization minimizing the use of resources and accelerating productivity.

Monitor system resource usage and optimize allocations

Minimize memory footprint

Optimize graphics processing (e.g. OpenGL ES code optimizations)

Check possible leaks

Speed up networking by choosing right data transfer modes


We treat security design as a seamless part of iOS application development process and start security implementation on the earliest project stages. We pay great attention to security questions across software architecture, application development, testing and release to identify threats and prevent vulnerabilities. This helps:

Protect personal data by storing it in a secure way

Avoid collecting unnecessary data

Securely handle untrusted data and files

Prevent data modification and unauthorized access

Use proven authentication and authorization mechanisms where appropriate

Starting now

To initiate your iOS application development project with Hypertech, feel free to call us,or send a message using the contact form.