Online Marketing and Consulting

More and more entrepreneurs are taking their business online to increase their profits. However, not all of them are equipped with knowledge as to how they can promote their business and their products in the World Wide Web (WWW).

So, if do you know what opportunity online marketing presents for your business? And sure that you are ready to invest in online marketing and know what returns do you expect? Beside look for setup the decision support system to continuously measure, analyze and improve the returns on your online marketing investments?

These are some of the questions you need to answer before you embark on the journey of realizing the full potential of online marketing for your business.

At Hypertech, we relate to online marketing in a holistic way. In other words, we treat online marketing as an integral part of our customer’s core marketing strategy. We start with a complete and thorough understanding of our customer’s marketing strategy and then apply our expertise in online marketing to lay out an optimal roadmap for their business. As described below, our unique methodology ensures that our customers get the best possible returns on their online marketing investments.

Online Marketing Strategy Development (OMSD)

For any business, whether a new one or an established one, online marketing only works when it is aligned with organization’s business objectives and is in sync with its fundamental marketing strategy.

While SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are all critical components of online marketing, they produce tangible results only when used within a well-designed framework of sound online marketing Strategy. The online marketing strategy building process is fundamental to Hypertech’s customer’s success and comprises of the following key phases:

Identifying and setting the objectives: This is the first phase that lays the foundation for our engagement with our customers. We work with our customers in understanding and defining their objectives for either launching new or improving existing online marketing initiatives. We help customers align their online marketing Objectives with their business objectives.

Fact-finding and assessment: In this phase, we make a detailed assessment of the pre-requisites for launching an online marketing initiative. For customers with existing online marketing initiatives we diagnose the status and effectiveness of overall program including the alignment between overall business strategy and the program implementation. The research consists of evaluating the overall marketing objectives of the customer’s business (Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement).

Hypertech develops required level of understanding of the following key elements during its research:

Customer’s Business Model and Business Objectives.

Competitive Landscape.

Customer Segmentation.

Marketing Communication and Messaging.

Current Online Presence and SEO Compliance.

PPC Audit (if running).

Conversion Analysis.


Website User Experience.

Recommendation and Plans: In this phase we provide our customers with a clear pathway to implementing online marketing that will meet their business objectives. We also help customers develop a strategy for how online marketing initiatives can enhance their market differentiation and competitive edge for their business.

Online Marketing Implementation

This is the phase where we work with our customers and execute the strategy, developed in the previous phase in order to fulfill their business objectives. Using our in-depth expertise and years of experience, we bring relevant traffic to our customer’s website using SEO and/or PPC campaigns.

And then, using our conversion optimization expertise, we ensure that the relevant traffic that comes to our customer’s website gets converted. In other words, our customers achieve the desired outcome, which may be generating a lead, a subscription request or a sale.

Convinced? If yes and you are ready to realize the full potential of online marketing for your business, please contact us and provide us your requirements. If not even then we would like to hear from you and take your valuable inputs.